SDCP 2014

SDCP 2014

This tab relates to the process behind the preparation of the SDCP 2014 as effective on 22 October 2014.

NSW State Government legislation requires that only a single Development Control Plan (DCP) can apply to any parcel of land. This requirement takes affect six months after the commencement of the standard instrument Local Environment Plan for an area.

Following the commencement of Shoalhaven LEP 2014 on April 22 2014, Council resolved to exhibit and finalise the SDCP 2014 by 22 October 2014.

The SDCP 2014 reduces the number of DCPs in Shoalhaven from over 100 to one making it easier for planning authorities, business and the community to determine the controls that apply to a site. As well as being more user friendly, the SDCP 2014 has been designed to be consistent with SLEP 2014 and remove potential conflict between chapters of the SDCP 2014. 

Due to the tight timeframe available to comply with legislation, the SDCP 2014 (as at 22 October 2014) was largely an administrative change over and the intent of the SDCP 2014 and the controls are generally the same. Council has taken the opportunity to consider and incorporate amendments to correct anomalies, standardise format and update provisions. The SDCP 2014 has also been designed to incorporate where relevant, guidelines and new DCPs that Council resolved to prepare.