Generic chapters

G1NewSite Analysis, Sustainable Design and Building Materials in Rural, Coastal and Environmental Areas G2DCP 122Sustainable Stormwater Management and Erosion/Sediment Control G3NewLandscaping Design Guidelines G4DCP 128Tree and Vegetation Management G5NewThreatened Species Impact Assessment G6Various coastal policies and plans including DCP 62Coastal Management Areas G7DCP 93Waste Minimisation and Management Controls G8DCP 78Onsite Sewage Management G9DCP 106Development on Flood Prone Land G10DCP 123Caravan Parks in Flood Prone Areas G11DCP 100Subdivision of Land G12DCP 91Dwelling Houses, Rural Worker's Dwellings, Additions and Ancillary Structures G13NewMedium Density and Other Residential Development G15DCP 63Tourist and Visitor Accommodation G16NewShort Term Rental Accommodation G17DCP 109 & 120, POL12/123 & POL12/311Business, Commercial and Retail Activities G18DCP 80Streetscape Design for Town and Village Centres G19DCP 109Home Based Business Activities G20POL12/314Industrial Development G21DCP 18Car Parking and Traffic G22DCP 82Advertising Signs and Structures G23POL12/223Jetties, Wharf and Boating Facilities, Moorings, Mooring Pens and Boat Launching Ramps G24DCP 85 and POL12/110Restricted and Sex Services Premises G25POL12/122 & POL12/161Stationary Food Vans/Vehicles on Service Station Sites and Food Stalls G26DCP 91Acid Sulphate Soils and Geotechnical (Site Stability) Guidelines G27POL11/103Dog Breeding and Boarding Establishments (Including Catteries) G28POL12/117 Design Guidelines for Permanent Occupation of Caravan Parks